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Our English webpage ( is under construction, which means this is to be seen as as very brief introduction, where we present a very limited subset of information with focus on:

● Contact information, for direct requests or questions within Northern Europe
● Contact information, for both the Swedish webpage as well as the CTS HQ (Taiwan) webpage
● Brief technical info related to some of the most important high-runners for CTS in Europe

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Redirection to our Swedish website.

Current Swedish website for our swedish customers.

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Redirection to our Head Quater website.

CTS Headquater are located in Taiwan.

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European contact info.

We can provide you with contact information if you are interested in our products and want to know more.

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Technical Contact

For any type of technical questions related to CTS products feel free to contact us on:
+46(0) 31 22 19 80

Sales Contact

For sales related questions please contact:
Export Sales Manager Håkan Jerenvik
+46(0) 73 347 19 70

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